I have been practicing Massage Therapy and Reiki Therapy since 2000 and find this work to be my happy place.  

Beginning in 1990 I have worked as an MRI Technologist, developing a wide knowledge of anatomy and physiology that has brought a profound understanding of how humans function physically.  While interviewing thousands of patients about their health problems, I came to realize that a large percentage of my patients' complaints were the result of emotional and spiritual degradation that manifested as physical pain.  That insight motivated me to seek a better understanding of how humans function emotionally and spiritually and how dysfunction in these areas can create dis-ease. 

So began my journey into holistic healing.  Massage therapy was my first introduction to alternative medicine.  As I progressed in school, I found that I wanted to learn more, not only about the physical body, but also about the energetic body.  Reiki was the answer. I became a Reiki Practitioner and then Reiki Master, in the Usui method, and incorporate Reiki in my massage sessions as well as performing traditional Reiki treatments. Through both energetic and physical treatments, I am able to guide my clients towards a path of healing and balance. 

Both as a Massage Therapist and Reiki Master, I find that my interaction with and connection to my clients are the most gratifying parts of my work.